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building on Partnerships

Lagersmith strives to honor our customer’s brand by ensuring their design emerges as envisioned on the outside of the can, and the taste and feel of the beverage is also safeguarded on the inside.  We accomplish this through our craftsman approach in our detailed work and material sourcing.  We're synergized with our customers and vendors to build partnerships for mutual success.  


Lagersmith began partnering with craft breweries in 2012 as a mobile bottling company.  Within a few years our services expanded into mobile canning.  As our brewery partners grew, many purchased their own canning lines. Our partnerships endured as Lagersmith transitioned into a role as their can supplier.  In 2018, we began shrink-sleeving cans, and this became our core business.  So much so, that in 2021 our mobile canning operations were acquired and a new partnership was formed.


You can’t turn the wind, so turn the sail.  Lagersmith has changed course many times since its launch.  We’re proud how we’ve navigated the waters throughout our voyage.  But we haven’t reached our final shore yet.  Join us as we turn our sail yet again in 2023.