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Shipping policies


The estimated delivery dates provided for the Products are approximate and serve as a guideline. Lagersmith “Seller” makes reasonable efforts to meet these dates but cannot be held liable for any losses, damages, penalties, or expenses arising from delays in delivery. Seller’s responsibility regarding delivery dates is limited to using reasonable efforts to fulfill them. 


Unless stated otherwise in the applicable Order Confirmation Form, all deliveries are loaded FOB (Free On Board) at Seller’s shipping facility, the “Delivery”. This means that once the Products are Delivered (loaded at Seller’s shipping facility), any subsequent arrangements for shipment are the responsibility of the Buyer. Seller will provide shipment options for Buyer upon order submittal. Freight charges will be prepaid and added to the Buyer's invoice for the Products. Title and risk of loss for the Products pass to the Buyer upon delivery. 


Lagersmith does not accept returns of items correctly shipped according to the submitted order. If the items is defective, please email [email protected]


After making a Delivery in good condition to the first transportation carrier, Seller is not liable for any delays, breakage, loss, or damage that may occur. It is the Buyer's responsibility to file any claims for loss or damage during transit with the relevant transportation provider. If Seller arranges the shipment, Seller will assist the Buyer with the claims process, but Seller’s assistance does not attribute any liability to Seller. 


Unless the Buyer provides written notice of rejection within five (5) days after receiving the Products, they will be deemed accepted. It is important to notify Seller in writing if there are any issues or concerns with the received Products within this timeframe. 

Cancellation and Changes 

Any cancellations of the Buyer's order or changes to the Products are not binding unless expressly agreed upon in writing by Seller. If Seller does not agree to a cancellation or change, Seller is entitled to all remedies available by law or equity, which may include cancellation costs or adjusted prices. However, Seller reserves the right to refuse or delay shipment of any order if the Buyer is delinquent in payments or fails to fulfill material obligations under this Agreement. 

Dunnage Requirements

No pallet deposits are assessed. Customer is responsible for all Dunnage (pallet, slip sheets and top frames) until it is picked up. Customer will be charged for any missing or damaged pallets, top frames, and slip sheets.

Printed and Brite Can Shipments

Lagersmith does not recommend shipping less than a full truckload (FTL) of cans (25 pallets) due to the increased possibility of shifting/damages. Customers requesting less than a FTL of cans are assuming the risk of damaged cans. Up to 5% damage of cans is common during LTL shipping.