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Artwork Submission - Sleeved Cans

When working with Lagersmith for the first time, you will submit new artwork.  If you are a returning customer and have a revised design, please select this option and upload the design below.  If you are a returning customer utilizing the same design as previous runs, your designs should be available in your library under My Custom Cans.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Shipping Policies

At Lagersmith we take pride in getting your products to your facility in a timely and efficient manner.  We will make every effort to make sure product(s) arrives in quality condition.  Based on the total quantity and product mix Lagersmiths logistics team will use their best judgement for shipping options, using UPS for parcel and LTL carriers for freight.

Dunnage Requirements:

No pallet deposits are assessed. Customer is responsible for all Dunnage (pallet, slip sheets and top frames) until it is picked up. Lagersmith will arrange pickup of the Dunnage from the packaging facility and cover freight charges. Customer will be charged for any missing or damaged pallets, top frames, and slip sheets.

Printed and Brite Can Shipments:

Lagersmith does not recommend shipping less than a full truckload (FTL) of cans (25 pallets) due to the increased possibility of shifting/damages. Customers requesting less than a FTL of cans are assuming the risk of damaged cans. Up to 5% damage of cans is common during LTL shipping.



Cost Per Sleeved Can*

Minimum Order Quanitity

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12oz Standard$0.20 - $0.254,279 cans12oz Standard
16oz Standard$0.26 - $0.313,112 cans16oz Standard
12oz Sleek $0.25 - $0.314,048 cans12oz Sleek
8.4oz Sleek$0.25 - $0.305,566 cans8.4oz Sleek
7.5oz Sleek$0.24 - $0.296,072 cans
7.5oz Sleek
19.2oz Standard$0.36 - $0.425,057 can19.2oz Standard